Krysti is a dynamic singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and teacher transplanted to Austin, Texas from South Florida. Her songs are designed to take you on a musical journey. Highly creative, Krysti mixes Folk-Rock motifs with Electronic, Orchestral, and World instrumentation. Her emotionally-charged vocals have inspired many, who say she has the "Voice of an Angel".

Born of immigrant parents from Bolivia, Krysti Subieta’s life was rooted early on in spirituality, musicality, and a strong sense of self-determination. Raised in a community which explores truths from all religions and spiritualities, she was infused with a sense of compassion, community, and a connectedness to the culture around her as a young child. By the age of 5, she was singing in musicals and competitions, and by the age of 9, she learned the value of work ethic when her parents began to empower her to consider her dreams for college and beyond.

Subieta’s family and friends have described her as an old soul, and it is apparent in the sounds and lyrics this passionate powerhouse produces. Her merging of heart and head are palpable, from her lyrics to her lived experience. Her music explores universal themes of modernity and technology versus the simplicity of nature, free-flowing creativity versus rationality and logic, and musings on love versus fear.

An unyielding curiosity and penchant for creative exploration has led Subieta down a unique path of discovering distinct aspects of music-making. While studying electrical engineering at the University of Florida, her college experience became a time for her to deepen her exploration of many music related passions. In her time there, she founded the Audio Engineering Society Recording Subcommittee, interned at Medusa Productions and Recording Studios, built a loop pedal from scratch, and learned how to play the guitar. She began deepening her understanding of music production through internships at several recording studios, and ultimately by entering into her first self-created recording endeavor, Shotgun the Moon Studios.

In a life-altering leap of faith, Subieta left her comfortable post-collegiate corporate job testing consumer audio electronics in order to make music central to her life in the summer of 2015, after having been inspired and encouraged by the uplifting, collaborative, multi-genre music community she found herself entering into. Aside from her own musical endeavors with Subieta Studios, her new multi-media production company, Subieta now spends much of her time and energy teaching music to children and adults.

After over a decade song-writing and months of production, Subieta released her debut album “Find Yourself” in January 2016 under Spirit Voice Publishing, in collaboration with Vinyl House Records, and with the help of her growing music community.

Much in the same way any personal spiritual journey involves both highs and lows, great challenges and magnificent triumphs, Subieta’s music explores myriad themes. This album takes the listener on a journey that is reminiscent of the experiences anyone might have on the path toward self-actualization. From the hopeful wonder and light-hearted courageousness of “Find Yourself”, to the dark, electronic, raw feel of “Set Fire”, Subieta covers a wide range of the human experience through her carefully crafted sounds and lyricism.

Subieta enjoys a variety of other interests, including salsa dancing, rock climbing, hiking with her dog, meditation, an overindulgence in Ted Talks, immersing herself in cultures different from her own, and playing ultimate frisbee.

- Written by Allyssa Milan, Feb 2016