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April 2017

Healing stroke patients with voice coaching.



New Generation Children's Choir

March 2017

Led by Krysti Subieta and Hilary Kuhlmey, the heartfelt work with Hope of Life Refugee continues in part 2 of this story.  The kids have been selected to perform at Austin Music Awards at SXSW in Austin, March 2017.  Krysti and Hilary have coached the children through singing and dancing two modern spiritual songs, to be followed by song and dance from their Congolese culture.  One child will give a miraculous testimony about her near-death experience while she was in her mother's womb, during a genocide attack in her village.  

The work to help give these children a sense of accountability, and integrate cultures continues during this time.  By demonstrating love and support for those who come seeking safety, Krysti and Hilary feel blessed to be working in partnership with these kids to give the world a chance to see how powerfully healing music can be.




July 2016

It was a hot summer day in Texas when Krysti and fellow singer Hilary Kuhlmey joined forces to create a Music and Art Summer Camp for the first time.  

At that time, Krysti was volunteering to teach a group of African Refugee children songs in English.

Together, Hilary and Krysti raised over $5,000 USD using Go Fund Me to go towards tuition and supplies for the 30 African refugee children.

In addition to the classes, they held a benefit concert with over 10 performing acts to raise enough money to give take home gifts like ukuleles, violins, and art supplies to every child.

As the daughter of Bolivian immigrants, Krysti is called to bring healing and discipline into the lives of these children using music. 


Music and Memory

After watching a documentary called "Alive Inside", and having a grandmother who suffered Alzheimer's Krysti's passion to use music as a healing power was put into action in the Spring of 2016.  She was able to raise and donate over $100 directly to non-profit Music and Memory to give iPods with familiar music to elders with Alzheimer’s all over the world.  

One donor, inspired from Krysti's church, collected 9 iPods and gave them to Krysti to give to a local nursing home in Austin who participated in the music and memory program




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