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Voice. Piano. Guitar. Clarinet. Songwriting. 

Music Theory. Recording tech.  Music Marketing.

Private Music LessonS

All Ages


DO you love music...but wish you liked your  music better? 

"I want to increase my range, but i feel stuck"

"I have trouble singing in key"

" I want to sing loud and for a long time, but I go hoarse.  How can I sing with power without hurting my voice?"

"I am too shy to sing in front of others"

"I want to record my songs and ideas, but don't want to spend a fortune doing so." 

"I have my songs ready, but I have trouble with all the new recording technology."

You are in the right place! 

Music is the love of my life, and teaching it is my absolute fulfillment. My 20 years of music experience will give you a mind-blowing understanding of music, whether you like classical or contemporary styles.

My engineering background helps me 'debug' issues you may be having, and my constant study of voice and songwriting will give you new quick insights every time we meet.  My practical vocal exercises will get you into shape, and then we will work specifically on music you choose.  

Styles I teach are Pop, Rock and Power Belting, Celtic, Musical Theater, Spiritual, and Jazz. I am excited to get to know you!

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